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The Hotel Caribe has at your disposal a great variety of gastronomic and fun possibilities which range from the most sophisticated international cuisine to exquisite typical dishes accompained with folkloric shows.

Don Pedro de Heredia
An excellent and refined sample of international and typical dishes.

Cafetería Catalina
Next to the swimming pool, ideal for a nice breakfast and fast foods. Its tropical environment is a great scenery for gastronomic festivals, parades, and folkloric shows.

Jardín Punta Icacos
A calm place, surrounded by nature, ideal for barbecues and pizzas.
Hotel Caribe

¡Oh Caribe!
Typical huts on the beach with bar and restaurant service. Its specialty: seafood and typical dishes. Hotel Caribe

Bar Bolero
A place like very few, perfect to enjoy a drink or have fun til dawn with the happy rythms of its orchestra.  
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