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Calle de Quero

Calle de Quero - Cartagena de Indias



During Colony times it was known as Calle de Nuestra Señora de Valencia.

In this street there is a house recognized as tenebrous. Here lived Miguel Cuero, a very avaricious and wealthy man that inherited his fortune from some relatives. One day, this personage decided to change his last name to Quero since his mother was formerly called "Cuero de gato curtido" ("Tanned cat leather"; leather being the translation of cuero) and this caused him great shame. Determined to watch over his precious treasure, one night he heard noises in his house and ran to see what was going on. He got to the trunk where he kept his property and started to count piece by piece. He was in this when the heavy lid fell on his head and so ended Miquel Quero's days.

Some time later the stench of the corpse alarmed the neighbors who called the authorities, who broke into the house and found the inert corpse swollen with worms. Soon legends around the house arouse. Late at night no one would dare pass near the house.

In certain occasion a "brave" man was smoking a cigar in front of the house to calm his nerves when he saw someone from the balcony asking for a light, he passed out when he saw a long bony hand snatching the cigar from his mouth. Once an Antioqueño arrived with the purpose of once and for all eradicating the ghosts and asking for permission he lodged in the house. That night, after going to bed he heard some noises and got up armed with a gun. A shadow passed in front of him and he fired six shots. He was stupefied seeing the bullets were sent back to him while a ghostly voice told him " Your bullets don't harm me, I'm giving them back".

It is said the man went mad and ended his days in an insane asylum.



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